Asociatia No Sheep presents

Church of Cthulhu + VVVLV + Tears of Fire / Modern Primitive

2023-11-25 21:00 - 01:00 @ Nemesis Art Club


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A blackened doom and sludge night to be remembered!

Church of Cthulhu has been making noise since 2016. Initially a doom/drone duo, the band released various recordings ranging from classic stoner to heavy doom and groove-driven sludge. Following a more melancholic doom EP and a no-nonsense rehearsal room demo, Church of Cthulhu returns in 2023 as a power trio and with a nastier-than-ever album called "Get Outta My Swamp!". Bringing together fuzz-loaded blues-inspired riffs, piercing vocals, and ear-shattering drums, but with a dash of country and surf rock, "Get Outta My Swamp!" is an unpolished trip to the land of mud. And by far the most unforgiving stoner album ever recorded in Romania. Follow the riff!

Romania’s VVVLV are among the most original current bands hailing from the Balkans. For those yet unaware of them, they combine slow and crushing sludge with fast and shrieking blackened crust of equal menacing power.

Tears of Fire play a mix of Oriental Funeral Doom and black doom. The band formed in 1998 in Tehran / Iran, with an initial idea of mixing Iranian classical music with folklore / ethnic orchestration with metal. On July 7th 1999, the band was about to perform their first concert, which was interrupted by the secret police, cutting the electricity and destroying their instruments. In the act some of the members manage to escape with the crowd assistance and some ended up in jail. The band members currently reside in Berlin, Germany.

This will be a special Tears of Fire show, including a suspension ritual performed by Modern Primitive (Cluj-Napoca)

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